• Our Vision

    Every Student a Graduate Prepared for a Bright and Successful Future

    Our Mission

    Ensure success for all students by providing a quality education guided by the community with excellent teaching, staff support, and leadership.

    Our Goals

    Goal 1: All Students Are Future Ready – The Board and Superintendent are committed to building excellent schools and educating all students to their full potential. Furthermore, the District will maintain a commitment to quality comprehensive programs.

    Goal 2: Communication – The District will improve community involvement and engagement through communication and building relationships with families, staff and the community, with a focus on those not reached through current efforts.

    Goal 3: Advocacy – The Board will direct resources, and advocate on local, state and federal levels, to achieve fiscal stability and guide educational policy that aligns with the District's educational goals.
    Goal 4: Leading Technology for Learning –  The District will provide staff and students with access to 21st century tools, resources, and learning environments so that students can become proficient in using technology to improve their academic achievement.
    Goal 5: Stewardship of District Resources for Facilities Management – The Board and Superintendent will direct resources to support fiscally responsible and prudent decisions regarding maintaining and improving District buildings and grounds. 

    Vision Statement