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    These services are available for parents of students in the ELD Program:

    -Welcome Center
    -Free or low-cost classes:
    English, bilingual computer, citizenship, Spanish literacy
    -Bilingual monthly newsletter
    -Tips on parent involvement

    For more information about the ELD Program and your student, please see the list of frequently asked questions.

    Parent Involvement
    When parents are involved in the education of their children, the children are more likely to succeed. By becoming involved in the education of your children, you are helping them to attain English proficiency and to achieve the state's high standards.

    Ways parents can become involved in the education of their children:

    • Help your children attend school regularly.
    • Establish a communication system with the school: be in open and frequent communication with your child's teachers.
    • Volunteer in the classroom.
    • Set aside a time and place for your children to do homework.
    • Help your children with homework: if you are not able to help your children with their homework, talk to the classroom teachers. They will help your child or find someone that can.
    • Involve your children in any available homework club programs at school.
    • Attend district-wide ELD Parent Meetings.
    • Attend parent conferences and other school meetings.
    • Ask your children what they are doing in school.
    • Call the school with any concerns about the development of your children.
    • Continue to speak, read, write and tell stories with your children in your native language.
    • Talk to your children about your hopes for them in the future.
    • Have books available at home for your children to read.
    • Take your children to the Springfield Public Library.
    • Participate in family programs offered by the ELD Program and Welcome Center

    Frequently Asked Questions

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