• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How was my child's eligibility determined?
    A: A student's eligibility is based on the home language survey, teacher referral, records review, and/or results of recent testing.

    Q: What kind of testing is used to determine eligibility?
    A: The tests used for kindergarteners is the Pre-Language Assessment, for all other grade levels, the test used is the Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey.

    Q: What benefits are there for my child as part of the English Language Development Program?
    A: By participating in the ELD Program, your child will receive instruction in English to increase his/her English proficiency and meet age-appropriate academic standards. Instruction focuses on oral language, reading, writing, comprehension, and content vocabulary and concepts in science, math, social studies, and language arts.

    Q: Specifically, what kind of classes and services are provided?
    A: Our ELD Program uses an ELD Instruction/Sheltered English approach and has the following components: ELD class during the day, ELD assistance in the regular classroom during the school day, ELD accommodations in the regular classroom (e.g., Sheltered Instruction: receiving instruction from a teacher who has specialized training) during the school day, ELD Homework Club after school, and transportation to a school with more ELD services.

    Q: What is the goal for my child to achieve English fluency?
    A: Our goal is to exit students as fluent within five years of instruction in our program. Due to individual differences in learning, some students may complete the ELD Program within a shorter or longer length of time. Even when students develop oral language proficiency, they may still lack the fluency in academic language that is necessary for success in school, particularly as the curriculum becomes more challenging in the upper grades.

    Q: How do students exit the ELD Program?
    A: Students will be exited from the ELD Program when they have scored at the Advanced proficiency level (Level 5) on the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA), given each year in the winter or spring.

    Q: What if I have more questions that haven't been answered on this page?
    A: Please feel free to contact the English Language Development Specialist, Tracy Conaghan, at (541) 736-7560.