• English Language Development
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    The goal of the English Language Development Program is to support our English learners to succeed in school by increasing their English language proficiency while ensuring they have access to core class content in their regular classrooms.

    During the school day, English Language Learners may be enrolled in the following options, depending on their grade level:
        •    ELD Pullout (K-5th grades)
        •    ELD Class (6th-12th grades)
        •    ELD assistance in the regular classroom
             (also referred to as Sheltered Instruction, provided in all grades)

    These are additional services that are provided for some of our students:
        •    ELD Newcomer Program (6th-12th grades)
        •    ELD KinderPlus (Kindergarteners, an extended-day program)
        •    Spanish Literacy (during the school day)
        •    Reading Buddies Program
             (parent involvement project that promotes literacy in both Spanish and English)

    The ELD Program also provides the following free services that benefit ELL students and families:
        •    Welcome Center: resource for ELL families and students to receive information and support in                    Spanish
        •    Interpretation services for parent communication
        •    Free or low-cost English, bilingual computer, Spanish literacy, and citizenship classes
        •    Transportation to a school with more ELD services

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