• Aesop Help & Information


    Aesop Contacts

          Telephone Number:   1-800-942-3767  (Toll-Free)
          Website:                http://www.aesoponline.com  
          Mobile Device:     m.aesoponline.com 
          Help Desk:            541-726-3488      

     Logging Into Aesop
          Your Aesop ID:   Your phone number
          Your Aesop PIN:   You will be assigned a generic PIN and will be asked to change it once you login. 
                                    If you do not know your generic PIN, please click on 'PIN Reminder' or contact the
                                    Aesop help line at 541-726-3488
          Important:  In order to use Aesop, you must first be fully registered with Human Resources. If you have not
             gone through the full registration/application process click here.

    Aesop User Guides    
          Substitutes:     Web Basic Training Video
                                  Substitute Training Center
          Employees:     Web Basic Training Video
                                  Employee Training Center 
          District Map:  School Locations

      Substitute Sick Leave