• kids and bus Transfers into Springfield Public Schools

    At Springfield Public Schools, we offer an excellent core education for our students. Our schools are full of opportunities to learn, grow and excel. We welcome applicants from other districts as long as space permits. 

    Transfers for the 2018-2019 School Year
    The best time to apply from another district is during the month of March.
    Open Enrollment Period
    March 2018 (March 1-April 1): Transfer applications will be accepted from out of district during the Open Enrollment period.
    Applicants are placed on a four-tiered priority list: (1) Returning seniors are given top priority. (2) Students who attended a Springfield school during the previous school year and are requesting to return to their current Springfield school for the next year are given priority over (3) siblings of a current Springfield student and (4) new applicants.
    Open Enrollment requests will be granted as long as space is available at the requested school and grade level and there is no waiting list. Other applicants will be placed on a waiting list and processed according to the Inter-District guidelines below. 
    Open Enrollment transfers are valid until it is time for the student to change to a different school (for example, from elementary to middle or from middle to high). All transfer students must reapply if their family moves from the address given for the original transfer. 
    Inter-District Transfer (IDT) Period
    Beginning May 1, 2018: Requests received for returning students after the Open Enrollment period will be accepted beginning May 1. They will be processed according to Inter-District Transfer guidelines.
    Beginning July 1, 2018: Requests received for new students after the Open Enrollment period will be accepted beginning July 1. They will be processed according to Inter-District Transfer guidelines.
    All students who receive inter-district transfers must reapply the following year.

    Read the full guidelines attached to the forms for more detailed information.

    Application forms for the coming (2018-2019) school year: English / español
    Applications will not be accepted until March 1.
    Application forms for the current (2017-2018) school year. English / español
    Please note that forms need to be returned to our new location at 640 A Street.

    Submitting Requests: 
    Completed transfer request forms must be submitted to the Instruction Office (note new address as of December 26, 2017: 640 A Street, Springfield) by personal delivery, regular mail, email or fax. See instructions.

    Students granted an Open Enrollment transfer may continue in the assigned school without reapplying. However, students must reapply when changing from elementary to middle or middle to high school or if they move from the original approved address during the school year. Students granted an IDT (that is, request outside of the Open Enrollment period) must reapply each year.

    Dual Immersion Applicants:

    Applicants to the district's Dual Immersion program, currently located at Guy Lee Elementary School, no longer have to submit a separate transfer applications, but they must apply to the program according to the deadlines shown above. As with other transfers, the best time to apply is during the March Open Enrollment period. Visit www.springfield.k12.or.us/dualimmersion for more information or to apply.

    Prospective Students
    We invite you to take a look around our website to find out more about our district, our schools and our programs. A good place to start is www.springfield.k12.or.us/SpringfieldSuccess.
    You are always welcome to call a school for more specific information. Go to www.springfield.k12.or.us/schools for links to each school's contact information and links to school websites.


    Questions about transfers may be directed to the Instruction Department, 541-726-3254.