• Mission Statement:

    Every day, every way, a community inspired to learn, excel, and celebrate success.


    Vision Statement:

    We believe that all students can and must learn at high levels of achievement. It is our job to create an environment that results in this high level of performance.  We are confident that, with our help, students will master challenging academic material. We are prepared to work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational purpose. 

    Two Rivers Dos Rios staff partner with students and families to increase family involvement with the focus on our school being a safe, innovative center of our community. 

    We provide students and families with an enthusiastic and collaborative learning environment that promotes kindness and respect, a high level of achievement and attendance, and an attitude of excellence where students are motivated to learn. 

    Two Rivers Dos Rios is a center of excellence that motivates each student to achieve their goals through a friendly, competitive attitude focused on graduation.