Student Expectations (PBIS)

  • Two Rivers – Dos Rios is PBIS school.  That means we practice Positive Behavior Incentive Supports, which is about recognizing students for following the correct, positive behaviors in different areas of the school.  We have found it is very beneficial for students to see the expected positive behaviors, so we have created several videos to teach and remind students how to be safe, respectful, and responsible in various areas of the school so they can be successful learners.  We encourage attending, and prospective, students and families to review these expectations so that students can have an excellent experience while attending Two Rivers – Dos Rios.

    Above all, we want our students to do their very best in all academics, and with managing behavior every day.  Our staff works hard with families and district personnel to try everything, every day, for every student.  Just watch the videos below and you’ll see!

  • We have created a short series of videos entitled, "PBIS SHORTS."  Each video in the series is one minute approximately, or less, and clearly describes and shows how students should be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE in all areas of the school building, and also always BEING KIND.  Below is the introduction video that describes the series!  Families, please watch these with your students so you are all familiar with the school-wide expectations!  Thank you!

  • Every student at Two Rivers – Dos Rios is capable of achieving “Otter Star” status.  Otter Stars are students who exhibit all the qualities of a being a safe, respectful and responsible in all areas of the school throughout the entire school day every day.  Students apply for Otter Star status, and applications must be signed by a parent/guardian, four school staff members, and the principal.  What the video below to learn more about how a student can become an Otter Star at Two Rivers – Dos Rios (and aboard the “Starship Otterprize”).