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Kindergarten Registration
Great news, parents: Full-day kindergarten is coming to Springfield this fall! Starting in fall 2015, kinders will have the same start and end time as the rest of the elementary school.
Kinders will begin the school year on a staggered start schedule. Click here for more information.
Click here to read more about how full-day kindergarten will work, and how you can help get your student ready for school! 
class of 2027

Students who will reach age 5 on or before Sept. 1 (born on or before Sept. 1, 2010) are eligible to enroll in kindergarten in our district for the 2015-16 school year. (Yes, that's the class of 2028!)

If you are registering at your neighborhood school, you may register at any time prior to the beginning of the school year. We encourage families to register as early as possible to help us in our planning and to ensure you receive critical information from the school in a timely manner.
If you missed your school's registration event, you can still register at any time.
To register your student, you will need to show proof of the child's age (either a birth certificate or hospital records that show date of birth), immunization records, and be ready with emergency contact information. 
All students, whether new or returning, are also required to provide proof of address when registering. Proof of address would be two of the following: valid rental/lease agreement or escrow papers; current resident service bill such as electric, water, gas, garbage or cable bill (cell phone or other mail is not sufficient); and/or current driver's license or State ID card showing address.
Students applying from elsewhere within or outside of our district should pay attention to Transfer Guidelines. Families are encouraged to submit transfer applications during the Open Enrollment period (March) for the best chance of getting into the desired school.

kinder parent guide Getting ready for kindergarten: We've put together some resources for families to help get their children ready for school. You can view the resources online or check with your school for more information.