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Save the date Gift of Literacy
The primary Gift of Literacy website at giftofliteracy.org is temporarily under re-construction. Please contact us if you need additional information.
Springfield's Gift of Literacy is a six-month program in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Springfield that encourages a love of reading among young children. Through rich community partnerships, every first-grader in Springfield Public Schools receives a special gift—a new hardbound book, book bag, and educational goodies—at a special literacy celebration at the end of each school year.
The 10th Gift of Literacy celebration will be held on Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

Springfield's Gift of Literacy was inspired by a desire to promote a love of reading among young children. Research has shown that reading interventions at an early age are directly related to inspiring students to be lifelong learners. To support and celebrate this idea, this project provides all first-grade students in Springfield with their choice of a hardbound book, selected from a collection of ten books they had been reading throughout the year. The presentation includes small-group reading by guest readers to emphasize the importance of reading in our lives.

The Gift of Literacy is an annual partnership with the community groups that see literacy as an important part of a healthy community. Each year, the program is made possible thanks to the generous contributions from the Springfield community.
The Gift of Literacy is pleased to provide the students of Springfield with new books each year. The Gift of Literacy is a unique opportunity to reach our youngest readers through the best representation of literacy, a brand new book.
To learn more about Gift of Literacy, call (541) 726-3220 or email inspire@giftofliteracy.org.
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