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Bond News and Updates

Welcome to the Bond News and Updates section of our website. The 2014 bond measure will allow Springfield Public Schools to make improvements at every District school, including prolonging the useful life of schools, reducing operating costs, making safety improvements, replacing 57-year-old Hamlin Middle School, constructing additional classroom space at 5 elementary schools, and updating technology in order to prepare students to be successful in 21st-century colleges and careers.
The District is committed to providing frequent updates on the progress of projects funded by the successful 2014 bond measure. Updates will be posted below and more detailed information about each category of bond project will be shared on individual pages:
  • Bond Oversight Committee Appointed

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 5/12/2015 12:00:00 PM
    The School Board has appointed 8 community members to the District's first-ever Bond Oversight Committee. This citizen committee is responsible for: 
    • reviewing bond construction projects to ensure they align with what was approved by voters.
    • working with staff to provide reports to the School Board regarding bond spending and progress.
    • representing the work of the committee in the community to assist in strengthening community trust and confidence in the District.
    The Committee will meet twice per year and receive regular updates on bond spending. At the end of each fiscal year, the Committee will share its findings with the school board and community regarding the District's use of bond funds.
    The Committee members are:

    • Jim Balumas
    • Zach Bessett
    • Erik Bishoff
    • Paul Carey
    • Tina DeHaven
    • Emilio Hernandez
    • Ken Kohl
    • Gina Wilde
    All committee members are required to be registered to vote and have lived within the Springfield Public Schools attendance boundaries for at least one year.
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  • Bond Basics are Keeping Us Busy

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 5/8/2015 3:15:00 PM

    This spring has been busy and we’ve managed to complete several projects, including many during Spring Break. Visit our Bond Basics page for project photos.

    At Guy Lee Elementary, the original hallway lighting, which had become dim and yellowed over time, was replaced with new, energy efficient lights. It has made an incredible difference in how bright and welcoming the Guy Lee building is for students and families.

     At Yolanda Elementary and Douglas Gardens Elementary, the cafeteria entry was improved with wider doors to make the space ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible for students, parents and community members.Douglas Gardens

    At Springfield High School, the library carpet was replaced. The old carpet was worn, stained and had begun to buckle in many places.

    At Thurston High School, a concrete pad was poured between the main and auxiliary gymnasiums so that the path frequently traveled by students is no longer muddy (and a safety hazard) for most of the year. It will also allow for the placement of the scaffolding and equipment necessary to complete the siding replacement on the gymnasium this summer.

    Once students are home for the summer, we will be able to dig-in to more complex projects that aren’t feasible during the school year. This summer, we’ll be working on:

    At Guy Lee Elementary, we will be replacing the current above-ground electrical service with an underground service that meets current safety standards.

    At Page Elementary, we will be redoing the parking lot to improve safety and traffic flow. There will be separate entrances for busses, cars and students who walk or bike to school. Some preparation work will occur this spring with the bulk of the project being completed after school ends in June.

    At Riverbend Elementary, we will improve the parking lot with an asphalt slurry seal and new striping.

    At Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary, we will repair and upgrade the bus drop-off and loading zone.

    At Walterville Elementary, we will be paving the school parking lot. It is the only school in Springfield Public Schools with a dirt, and mud for much of the year, parking lot. Paving it will improve safety for students, staff and visitors.

    At Springfield High School, we will be doing an asphalt slurry seal on the staff, student and Silke Field parking lots to improve the condition of the asphalt and prolong its useful life.

    At Thurston High School, we will be finishing the siding replacement on the main and auxiliary gymnasiums and expanding the bleachers around the track by adding 547 more seats and covering the existing and new seats.

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  • Hamlin Architect Selected

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 5/8/2015 3:10:00 PM

    BBT photo The School Board, assisted by a group of staff and community members, chose BBT Architects to design the new Hamlin Middle School on April 13, 2015.

    Before selecting BBT, Board members remarked on their desire to hire an Oregon firm, how impressed they were by quality construction when visiting other schools designed by BBT and their certainty that the design would reflect the Springfield community.

    The District is currently in negotiations with BBT regarding its contract amount and working to develop a timeline for the design of the new Hamlin that includes opportunities for staff, parent and community member involvement. We hope to have a master plan for the new school and its grounds complete by the end of July 2015.

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  • Equipment Installed and Wireless Expansion Begins

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 5/8/2015 3:05:00 PM

    Core network equipment for Page Elementary and Guy Lee Elementary is being readied for installation this spring and the kid with computer installation of wireless access points at Page will begin in May. Core network equipment for Gateways High School and Douglas Gardens Elementary will be ordered next.

    Classroom projectors will be installed in phases. Phase I will include installation at Mt. Vernon Elementary, Riverbend Elementary, Ridgeview Elementary, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary, Walterville Elementary, Agnes Stewart Middle, Briggs Middle, Thurston Middle and Springfield and Gateways high schools. Phase I will take place this summer and early fall.

    Upgrading library equipment at Guy Lee Elementary, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary, Yolanda Elementary and Agnes Stewart Middle is underway with orders placed and installation occurring this spring.

    In order to upgrade staff and student computer devices in the most efficient and prudent way possible, we are developing guidelines that will be used to determine the priority order and parameters for replacement.

    At Thurston High School, the career-technical education (CTE) program will receive several pieces of new equipment shortly: 3 CNC ShotBot digital fabrication tools, 1 laser system and 1 wide-belt sander for the woodshop. Springfield High School is still working to determine its equipment needs. 
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  • Groundbreaking for Elementary Classroom Additions

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 5/8/2015 3:00:00 PM
    ground breaking

    During the last week of April, we held five groundbreaking celebrations at the schools receiving additional classroom space as a result of the bond.

    The Board will consider awarding the construction contracts for the additions at Maple, Mt. Vernon, Ridgeview, Riverbend and Yolanda elementary schools at its May 11, 2015 meeting.

    Students will notice some ground preparation this spring and the heavy construction will begin this summer. The new classroom space is expected to open for school use in January 2016. 

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