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Bond News and Updates

Welcome to the Bond News and Updates section of our website. The 2014 bond measure will allow Springfield Public Schools to make improvements at every District school, including prolonging the useful life of schools, reducing operating costs, making safety improvements, replacing 57-year-old Hamlin Middle School, constructing additional classroom space at 5 elementary schools, and updating technology in order to prepare students to be successful in 21st-century colleges and careers.
The District is committed to providing frequent updates on the progress of projects funded by the successful 2014 bond measure. Updates will be posted below and more detailed information about each category of bond project will be shared on individual pages:
  • September 2016 Committee Update

    Posted by Deb Jolda at 9/15/2016

    The September report provides detail about Hamlin foundational work. September finds Briggs and Thurston middle schools and Ridgeview and Riverbend elementary schools on the list of schools with wireless work completed. The installation of classroom projection systems is now complete at all schools except Thurston High, Yolanda, Springfield High, A3, Thurston Elementary and Maple Elementary, which are scheduled to be completed by the next report.

    A total of 1,990 student computer devices have been deployed to date, including the business labs at both Thurston High and Springfield High, the SHS metals lab and SHS automotive lab.

    SHS business lab upgrade

    More than 650 student devices were installed this summer at Mt. Vernon and Two Rivers-Dos Ríos elementary schools, Thurston Middle School, Springfield High and Thurston High, with more heading for Two Rivers and Centennial. Additional school proposals are being evaluated.

    Student computers

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  • June 2016 Committee Update

    Posted by Deb Jolda at 7/5/2016

    The Oversight Committee's June report highlighted Hamlin progress, which included the completion of initial site work and the completion of construction documents. Notably, the district opted to extend the anticipated build-out length by 4-1/2 months to allow for a more competitive bidding process. However, this will delay the opening of the new school to students until January of 2018.

    Classroom additions: Work on the Maple addition has been further delayed due to issues with the contractor, but work is still expected to be complete by September.

    Capital improvement projects: Thurston High and Guy Lee are due to receive new boilers, Briggs will get new HVAC digital controls and air conditioning and Thurston Middle School will receive a new gym floor.

    TMS Gym Floor

    Two new projects were added to the list after rising in priority. Springfield High's boilers in the main instructional wing were failing at a rapid and consistent rate and were marked for replacement. The Yolanda Elementary School parking lot was in major disrepair and prsented several safety concerns for children and was due to be mostly completed in time for school to begin.

    Yolanda parking lot

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  • March 2016 Oversight Committee Update

    Posted by Deb Jolda at 4/1/2016

    In its March 14, 2016, written report to the board, the Oversight Committee noted that progress on the new Hamlin Middle School has been substantial. The Design Team finished the Design Development phase in February, finalizing all details of the project, including mechanical systems and other equipment, plus all landscape details.The district held a groundbreaking ceremony on February 25, and dirt began moving soon after.

    Hamlin groundbreaking

    In an effort to gain some time for the General Contractor, the District chose to separate the building package from the site excavation package. This Request for Proposal was conducted and awarded to Delta Construction on February 29, 2016.

    Classroom Additions: Additions to accommodate full-day kindergarten were completed at Ridgeview, Yolanda, Riverbend, and Mt. Vernon elementary schools by the start of 2016. Work on a one-story addition to Maple Elementary is still in progress, expected to be completed in April 2016.

    Riverbend classroom addition

    Major Capital Improvement Projects: The committee noted a number of projects at schools across the district were completed in the summer of 2015, including The THS bleachers and cover; THS siding; the Page and Walterville parking lot replacements; and district-wide interior door locks.

    Technology Updates: Work has been completed on wireless upgrades for Page, Guy Lee, Douglas Gardens and Yolanda elementary schools, Thurston High and Gateways High. New devices to date - 793 student devices, 100 library devices, 212 computer lab devices, 180 testing devices and 224 outdated staff devices. The goal: to create a 2:1 student-to-computer ratio of up-to-date computer devices in all schools across the district. Also, career technical education (CTE) programs received much-needed new equipment: at THS, a wide belt sander, laser cutter, three CNC router tables, three metal
    lathes, Iron Worker metal sheer, and Mojo 3-D printer; at SHS, a wide belt sander, two brake lathes, eight kilns, and six metal lathes.

    The report outlines the cost accounting for the completed projects and outlines the projects due to be completed in summer.


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  • Hamlin Design Takes Shape

    Posted by Jenna McCulley at 12/14/2015

    The Springfield Board of Education received another glimpse inside how Hamlin's new design is coming along. As with any project there will alway be a little to adjust here and there but here's a sneak peek at what's in store for the future at Hamlin. More photos will be revealed as the project moves forward.

    Common Space Media Room Maker's Space

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  • District Digs into Summer Construction

    Posted by Devon Ashbridge at 6/18/2015 1:40:00 PM

    Construction projects around the District are getting underway now that students are safely at home for the summer. Three of the biggest projects that you might see are:

    Page Elementary Parking Lot: This one is hard to miss if you drive by! The Delta Construction Company of Eugene has already torn out the existing parking lot in anticipation of a design that is much safer for students, parents and staff. It is also anticipated that the new parking lot will help get up to 40 vehicles off of Hayden Bridge during drop-off and pick-up times.

    This project will be complete before the school year begins; however, the school will be hosting its registration events at the church across the street later this summer.

    page 01   page 02  page 03

    Walterville Parking Lot: Walterville will no longer be the only school with a non-paved parking lot after this month! Wildish Building Company of Eugene is in the process of paving the parking lot, improving the bus drop-off area and re-paving a play area with worn asphalt. All three improvements are expected to be complete prior to the Fourth of July holiday weekend. 


    Thurston High School Bleachers: A crew from Bineham Construction, Inc. of Eugene is making great progress on the Thurston High bleacher expansion and cover. Their work is expected to continue throughout the next several weeks. 

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